Friday, March 18, 2016

I am, I love, I have

Original Date Posted: 5/31/06

Got this again from my yahoogroups. Feel free to copy and post it in your blog.

I AM proud of myself for having the will power not to eat rice. It's been 3 days now, though I don't know if i can stop myself from eating tonight as we will have dinner out with office mates. It's amazing what rice-deprivation can do, I swear my belly is a wee bit smaller than before hehe.

I HAVE two feet the left and right. Hold them up high so clean and bright.

I WISH I could just go home and watch Charmed. nabitin ako kagabi eh.. :)

I HATE being corrected even though I know that I'm wrong. Ma-pride kasi na tao.

I MISS Mr. Pesky, no one to tickle me at night, no hugs *sigh*. On the other hand, I really like the peace right now.

I FEAR that I might be dead without me making a difference. Naks deep.

I LOVE chocolates, especially Lindts, kisses, Ferrero, Mon Cherie and Gabo.

I AM NOT docile. Medyo may pagka resistant to change ako :)

I DANCE when I am really wasted.

I SING when i hear someone singing. Last Song Syndrome.

I CRY when I am frustrated. Specially when I don't get what I want (spoiled brat ba?)

I WRITE when I feel the tingling on my fingers. I love writing, writing does not love me hehe :P

I SHOULD get back to work and quit blogging but I can't stop the tingling eh.


Darrix said...

nganong sa "I LOVE chocolates, especially Lindts, kisses, Ferrero, Mon Cherie and Gabo." wala man ko? ha?

aneshka said...

o.a. chocolate diay ka? dal-i ko lindt ha daghana :P