Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pan de Sal

Marami-rami na rin akong na subukan na  Pan-de-sal Recipe. Playgirl ako..hindi ako nag sti-stick to one. Pero itong to, na try ko na ng ilang beses at madaming check check sa gusto naming pan-de-sal.

Mahangin at medyo  sweet  ang gusto naming pandesal.

I click-click ang link na ito .

Konting tips:

Ayaw na ayaw ko na gumamit ng rapid rise yeast kasi madaming beses na akong binigo! Pina-paasa ako na mag gro-grow ang aming pagmamahalan pero ini-iwan ako sa ere at naging bato ang feelings namin  sa isa't-isa. Kaya Active Dry Yeast ang ginagamit ko, 1/2 water (40 secs sa microwave), 3 tsp yeast  or isang pakete ng yeast galing sa suking sari-sari store at 1 tsp sugar. Gustong gusto  ni yeast si Sugar, malakas ang chemistry nila.

Pag bumubula na si yeast at sugar sa pagmamahal, ilagay sa mixing bowl. Ilagay ang dry ingredients (in this order) na si flour, sugar, salt. Pagkatapos sina milk,  egg at oil.

Dapat room temperature ang  milk  at egg. Mina-microwave ko ang milk  ng 1 minute at yung egg pinapaliguan  ko  na ng running hot water (palagi kasing walang time  maghintay i room temp). Napapansin ko na pag si butter ang gagamitin  instead of  si Oil  nagiging flaky ang pandesal so ayaw ko na sa kanya kasi plastic sya.

Sa winter,  hirap magpa-alsa so nilalagay ko sya malapit sa under-cabinet lamp. Pwede ring ilagay sa pinaka top-rack  oven at sa ibaba may mainit na tubig.

Good luck at sana umusbong ang pag-iibigan nyo ni Pan de Sal.

TBD picture,  pina pa alsa ko pa,  di ko  alam  kung tama ba  ang pagkatimpla  ng aming pag  ibig.. abangan,,,,

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

100 nonsense things

A little note: This was written in 2006 so it's a little outdated but still 90% true.

100 nonsense things you need not know about me:

1. I get bored easily.
2. I once thought that swimming in the pool can get me pregnant. Blame it on my science teacher.
3. I got into a fight, teasing a classmate that she had a penis when I didn't even know what a penis was like.
4. as a kid I was afraid to swallow bubble gum because I might need surgery just to get it off and
5. I was afraid of swallowing seeds because it might grow and dear me, leaves and stems might come out of my nose, mouth and ears.
6. I once read a book, it said that "I should save my yawn and put it in a box, so I will have a stash of yawns to save the world, just in case all the yawns in the world will be lost." So I pretended that it was real and I tried saving all my yawns in a little box.
7. I can get a little crazy with the salt when cooking. I almost always end up with a salty dish.
8. I talk to myself even in public!
9. I don't have a favorite color. It really depends on my mood.
10. I hate being mimicked.
11. I don't care where I sway my hands when walking and have hit -uhums- of men countless times. I even got scolded "Sa sunod day ayaw pataka ug wara2x sa imong kamot."
12. I have no sense of direction, I ALWAYS get lost.
13. I drink coffee even though I feel like pooping every damn time!
14. I blog when I'm bored in fact
15. I'm addicted to blogging.
16. I think I look cute when I bite my lip.
17. I always forget that I'm married.
18. My new signature always looks different.
19. I really hate being not on time.
20. I hate waiting.
21. When I like a song I repeat it to the N times until I can no longer take it.
22. I love the rain.
23. I love getting drunk because I have an excuse to do silly things.
24. I once thought I was artistic. I know charcoal and oil painting but it's been a while since I did this.
25. My motto: A smile can take you anywhere.
26. I love being a girl, its easy to "charm" guys to do something for you they
27. sometimes give me a good seat on the bus or mrt and
28. it is very easy to get their help, just one smile and they are at my mercy hehehe. (see motto)
29. I had a comfort blanket, no matter how tattered it was, I'd prefer it over any other blankets. It was only last year that I got rid of it, because it can no longer be salvaged.
30. My favorite movie is Reality Bites.
31. I do crazy things when I'm angry. I once walked alone from ayala to sm @ 10PM in the evening.
32. I dream of taking great pictures so
33. I'm thinking of enrolling in a photography class.
34. I usually can't poop if I don't bring something to read.
35. I shampoo every other day because I think too much chemicals can harm the hair. I don't know if its working.
36. The best coffee I've tasted so far was from Cebu's French Baker.
37. I sometimes forget my age.
38. I hate getting older, I don't want to reach 30 YET.
39. I am very fickle minded.
40. I can't sleep with the lights on.
41. I am a light sleeper and can easily be jarred awake.
42. I always pee, I don't know why. Sometimes at 1-5 minutes interval. I've been like this since college.
43. I once hated the taste of ice tea but now I -wuv- it.
44. I hate being emotional so
45. idada-an ko na lang sa joke.
46. I can be very green ..... hehehe.
47. I'm sometimes good in talking only but not very much in actions.
48. will continue this tomorrow... out na po ako. yipee.
49. I'm sleepy today the truth is I am always sleepy in the morning.
50. I am a night person (see #49)
51. I think better in the afternoon and night
52. I feel incomplete when I don't have a cup of coffee every morning.
53. when I'm bored I think of drinking of coffee
54. na ata lahat to. I think I need a cup of coffee to stop writing about coffee.
55. Yan, may coffee na ako. Now I can stop talking about coffee.
56. I am lactose intolerant, so the taste of milk makes me want to puke. Huh ano connect sa taste at intolerance?
57. I once was tempted to use the ouija board all by my lonely self but I got scared of being possessed or worse growing horns and a pointed tail.
58. I would love to learn about reading tarot cards.
59. I hope someone will give me a deck to tarot cards. nyo na sa akin hehehe.
60. I sometimes mix up my daily prayers. I say "Bless us o Lord ..." before going to sleep and I say "Evening Prayer..." before eating a meal.
61. My finger itches to open the email when I see a new email icon blinking or hear the new email sound
62. I have the "5 minutes" syndrome. 5 minutes more...5 minutes more...
63. I am fond of the time :45, I wake up at 7:45, 8:45, 9:45 you get my drift. This is probably due to #62.
64. I have doctor-like penmanship.
65. I hate my crooked teeth.
66. I can go to the mall and movies alone. I've done it a lot of times.
67. I am hungry right now, but I have no money so I'll just think of food thoughts.
68. Making this test plan is boring me to death. Sleeping is so much better than this.
69. Eyes are the windows to one's soul. I think my eyes is my best feature.
70. I am thinking right now of going on a holiday to Hongkong, Bangkok and Singapore.
71. I admit I am pasaway. I love breaking the rules. If you say "don't jump", I will definitely jump.
72. Simple akong tao and I'm not very kikay. I can go out without make up and just a quick brush of my hair.
73. I am not so into accesories, and looking at jewelries does not get me starry eyed.
74. I am a "cowboy" girl. Hindi ako maarte. Kakain ako sa tabi-tabing carenderia. Wala akong kimi. Pumapatay ako ng ipis at kung ano2 pa.
75. I am very adventurous. I love the rush feeling. If I were in a theme park I would definetely ride on all the thrilling rides. I would love to try bungee jumping.
76. I once had crush on a girl. No I am not a lesbian.
77. I am not a very sporty person. I always end up the loser on games like jackstone, chinese garter, bikla and shatong teka sports ba ito?
78. I don't like crying over silly and non sense things like seeing sentimental movies and not being given attention but I do it anyways.
79. I can be very moody.

-- after more than 1 month I still have not completed this nonsense.

80. I'm a scatterbrain. My brain goes anywhere.
81. My favorite sitting position, indian style or one leg tuck underneath my other leg.
82. I cannot see beyond 2 feet. Ergo, I need to wear my glasses.
83. I don't like nescafe 3-in-1. It's better if I buy 1 pack of coffee, 1 pack of creamer and 2 packs of sugar.
84. I always have difficulty in sleeping even when I was a kid.
85. I like "string" sandals.
86. I rarely wear close shoes. MY feet would be shouting in protest.
87. I am not brand conscious, I am
88. cost concious. Kuripot eka nga.
89. I always exercise my right as a buyer but I don't make a scene. hehehe
90. I am a certified lurker of blogs.
91. 10 more to go na lang yippeee! pwede ko nang i-post ito.
92. I always thought of going on a "South BEach Diet", but I don't have the willpower.
93. I love adventure books. i.e. sword of shanara, harry potter,da vinci code.
94. But I also love kikay books like the shopholic series.
95. I think I'm flat footed. I am always stumbling.
96. I always prefer cats over dogs because they require less maintenance
97. I always confuse "in" and "on". Yiek commented many times that I'm using it the wrong way. Same with "ng" and "nang".
98. When I'm excited or nervous, I stutter.
99. I prefer mcdonald's pancake over jollibee (huh? anong connection.. wala na akong maisip
100. And last but not the least....I am beautiful. LOL! wala na talaga akong maisip.

Monday, November 09, 2015


Originally posted on April 22, 2006

Yesterday, I made two drafts as I think this blog is thirsty of my writing but ger demn it! I could not post nor even view my account because there was a freakin' error. So I gave up and emailed the drafts to myself in the hopes that maybe I will find my mojo to finish it up.

Good News! I am now on Chapter 13 out of 15 of my oh so boring certification book. I'm planning to finish the book tom. (Good Luck to me!).

Just this morning Georgia, Yiek and I went to Medical City, a mall-like hospital, you'd think you'd be shopping for doctors instead of going there for a check up. Georgia was worried that the mass (or mast?) at the back of her shoulders might be thrombosis (a blood clot), I on the other hand have to find another cure for my never ending kagid (lesions). Well, the good news is Georgia's throbbing vein is not a at all thrombosis but a benign tumor (85% that is) and she has to schedule a surgery within the next weeks/months/years. Good thing she's covered so the cost wouldn't be a burden. I joked that she should demand for a handsome doctor so she will get inspired to heal or maybe do the opposite so she can stay longer. I on the other hand, have a rare case of skin asthma (so that's why it keeps on coming back during extreme heat and dust). No perfume, colored soap and scented lotion for me then. huhuhu!

It's 12:30 here so I will just stop blabbing and post some pictures. It's been ages since I posted pictures of myself so I declare tonight as "I love myself" night err.. morning.
Chillin' out at starbucks

We decided to go to Tiendiesita's for curiosity's sake, it was near Medical City anyway. I spotted a dirty ice cream cart at the entrance and immediately wanted to get my hands on the delicious ice cream but I was too full at that time and promised myself to get back there on the way out. Whadya know? The freakin' ice cream was not there huhuhuhu!

I was ecstatic because I saw a dirty ice cream cart. All right, Georgia and I are normally at the same height. I am shorter here because i a m wearing beach slippers ok!

Looking at earrings which I cannot wear anyway.

The masked ladies.... planning to go to a masquerade ball to snag a handsome prince. But drat! I only got myself a frog that wouldn't turn itself into a prince no matter how many kisses I give him.

WE were enamored by this headband and took 30 minutes trying on the different colors. I got myself matching slippers too!

See? we really love our new head gears. We look cool ya know?

beautiful birds flock together.

Mr Pesky and Ms Beyutipul. The only picture of us out of 400 nonsense pix

The paparazzi snapping up pictures of his dream girl

the headband looks really cute on me!(felingera)

Yiek just loves snapping pictures of me while I'm sipping something. Maybe there is a secret message that I have to decode.

Ok, I think I AM having a me overdose. I am off to sleep ta ta!

Toilet Humor

Originally posted on   

Just this morning, I felt the urge to... you know relieve myself (kalibangon in bisaya).

So ala article ni. Obvious ba na wala akong ginagawa hehehe.


Ever had the urge to relieve yourself during office hours? I, for one would definitely hate doing this but if nature really calls then here are some steps to do the dreaded thing.

1. Pretend that you are going somewhere far i.e. like going to the farthest copier or going to the pantry to wash your mug.
2. Make sure that only a few know the existence of the toilet you’ll be using. The best places are usually those farthest away from your office or cubicle; at least you don’t know or are not close to the people there.
3. Go to the farthest toilet cubicle.
4. Make sure that the cubicle has a lot of tissue or you brought tissue with you. To be sure, just bring your mug. I still think that water is the best “dirt” cleaner.
5. If you are bringing a mug, fill it up with water
6. Sit down and do your thing.
7. If someone enters, smell the odor emanating from the bowl. Flush if the smell is quite obvious.
8. Continue doing the deed.
9. Wait until the CR is empty
10. If it’s not possible and you are using “the mug”, wait for the person to use the drier then wash your ass. Of course, using the tissue would be easier as you are worry-free about the sound of the water hitting the bowl.
11. Flush not once but thrice.
12. If you have perfume, spray a little.
13. Get out of the cube and pretend that nothing happened.
14. Wash your hands
15. and then go back to your work place.
16. If someone looks at you suspiciously, pretend that you did not see him or her.
17. Don’t forget to bring notes from the make-believe meeting or copies from the copier.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Love Stories 2

**  sinulat noong 2005.. Part 2 na po ito pero di ko ata kayang i publish ang Part 1. Di ko alam kung may part 3, di ko pa nahalungkat maigi ang aking mahiwagang diary ** 

May manila friends pa naman ako dito so malamang hindi na i-intindihan yung sinulat ko na love stories. Eh baka hanggang part 4, depende sa mood ko. Pwede ko naman englisin kaya lang ah..mahirap mag english, nung nag meet nga kami ng client kahapon para akong loka-loka.. nahirapan ako mag english sa kanong yun kailangan pa ng praktis. Yung yes ko naging yah yah yah.. parang loka-loka. Dapat manghimasok na ako sa call center para american english na accent ko.

So sa next installment ko, in our national language na.

Mali yung chronological order ng love stories ko naala-la ko nag start nga pala ako nung ako munting bata pa. mga 4-5 years old. (maharot na pala ako noon hehehe) May kapit bahay kami don sa Negros. Hindi pa ko nag sko-skol non or nursery pa cguro ako. Sa totoo lang di ko matandaan pero kasi pag umu-uwi ako sa bahay ng lola ko palagi niyang stino-story sa akin yung kakulitan ko nung bata pa ako.. ibang entry na yun.

Anyways, may childhood love ako. Ang pangalan nya ay si Chad, love ko daw siya kasi pag naughty girl ako.. sasabihin lang nila na "susumbong kita kay Chad", behave na ulit ako at ganon din siya, behave rin pag isusumbong na sakin. Nag meet kami ulit ha.. nung college nako. Pero sa later story na yun.

Nung nursery ako, syempre maraming activities. May sayaw dito may sayaw doon. My one and only partner ako. Si Barry.. lahat nga ng picture ko sa nursery mag partners kami. Ayaw ko daw sumayaw pag di kami partner... mag ta-tantrums ako at si Barry din ma ta-tantrums pag hindi kami ang mag partner. Ang sweet di ba? kaya lang nabalita-an ko na bakla daw siya ngayon? ewan, di ko na siya nakita.

Tapos ito, Grade 1 ako nung first ako nagka crush. Ang gwapo niya mestizo, may class picture nga ako nun. Basta feeling high ako yung parang naka overdose ng cough syrup pag nakikita ko siya. Ewan kung saan na rin siya.

Meron nagkagusto sa kin nung grade four, di ko naman siya type pero alam ko kasi crush niya ako kaya flattered syempre. Pinakita ko nga siya panty ko dahil ewan ko kung bakit ko pinakita hahaha! kaming dalawa ng bestfriend ko dati si Augustine pinakita namin yung panty namin sa kanya. Ang swerte naman nya ano?

Pasensya na wala akong masyadong matan-daan. sabi ng my selective amnesia ako!

Actually meron akong crush from Grade 5 to college. Neighbor namin dati...crush na crush ko yun. Siya ay si A ang aking man of my dreams hehehe. Nung highschool ina-abangan ko out nya para makita ko siya. Pag nakikita ko naman siya pa as if akong hindi ko siya pinapansin. Puppy love nga talaga... at lahat ng panaginip ko ay siya lamang :P. Ang weird din kasi yung parents nya at parents ko medyo close tapos kami hindi nagpapansinan. Sila kasi tinutukso kami kaya ayun ayoko na siya pansinin at baka ma obvious na pinagnanasahan ko siya. Pati mga tshirts nya memorize ko, plate number ng kotse memorize ko rin! hangang ngayon pag nakakita akong pagong na kotse tinitingan ko pa rin yung plate number at laking tuwa ko pa naman pag nakikita ko. pag hindi siya nakatingin sa akin tinititigan ko siya pag nahuli nya akong nakatingin, pa as if akong nagbibilang ng butiki. Ganito kasi yun, every afternoon pag dadating na ako sa guard house ng village namin tatawag ako sa bahay at papakuha ako sa sidecar namin. Siya rin papakuha siya sa motor nila. Minsay nagkakasabay kaming mahintay sa sundo namin, tumatalon na yung puso ko. Pero ayun para hindi obvious di ko siya pinapansin. Actually 3 silang mag kakapatid di kami nagpapansinan. Ewan ko nga ba kung bakit. Dahil pag may party naman sa bahay invited sila lahat tapos mag hi hello lang kami at pagkatapos nun balik to di nagpapansinan.

Kinuha nya akong grad ball partner, na sa laking tuwa ko napasigaw ako! Sana hindi nya yun narinig dahil kakahiya namin obvious na obvious na na may crush ako sa kanya. Hindi ako makatulog masyado the night before his grad ball, eka nga para akong ikakasal whole day my butterflies in my stomach ako. Hindi ako makakain masyado at nagka lbm ako sa kaba! Di ko na nga matan-daan yung night na yun sa nerbyos ko. Pero sabi nya kamukha daw ako ng mama ko grrr! kakainis naman o! mas maganda naman ako. tapos sumayaw kami sweet dance. Floating in heaven, grabe ang kabug ng aking dibdib hiya nga ako baka kako narinig nya, shivers up my spine ang narandaman ko nung hinawakan nya kamay ko.3rd year highschool nga pala ako nung kinuha ko siyang gradball partner. natulog ako that night na naka smile. Sadly, lumipat kami ng tirahan, college na din siya at hindi ko na siya makikita na nag-aabang ng jeep.

Pero before kami lumipat, tinawagan ko muna siya este si mama pala ang tumwag sa mama nya na kung pwede mag grad ball partner kami. My turn na naman para ma invite ko siya. HIndi ko kery kasi na ako ang tatawag, alam ko mag qui-quiver boses ko at baka himatayin nako sa nerbyos. Ganun rin, hindi ako makatulog, tapos nagka lbm dahil sa nerbyos. Hindi ko na matandaan kung ano yung nangyari .. basta may picture kami na yung kamay nya parang nakayakap sa kin. Nasa closet ko to ngayon. Yung kaibigan ng cousin ko ay mag cousin sila (gets nyo ba), at merong picture yung cousin ko. pina blow up ko nga at ginunting ko nilagay ko sa aking diary. Naghati nga kami ni Georgia sa picture dahil crush nya yung isang kapatid naman.

Nagkita-kita kami minsan college pero di pa rin nagpapasinan! Ang weird namin talaga. Excited nga akong pumunta sa engineering building dahil may chance na makita ko siya. Hangang ngayon natutuwa pa rin akong makita siya.. unrequited love kasi. haha! Pero no feelings na ha... natutuwa lang akong sa mga kagagahan ko noon ng dahil sa kanya. Napahaba ko tuloy yung kwento tungkol sa aking one and only super crush.

'till next installment na naman. Sabi ko na nga ba hahaba. Hindi ko alam ma ma-ca-carried away pala ako sa pagkwento ng puppy love ko.

Kauna-unang tagalog post

*** Written on 3/31/2005, ignore posted date***

Dahil 3 buwan na ako dito sa Manila, at mukhang matatagalan pa kami dito magpo-post ako gamit ang ating pambansang wika. Pasensya na at ang pinakasimpleng mga salita lang ang gagamitin ko at yung espelling ay naku baka mali rin , lalo-lalo na yung grammar dahil 2nd year college pa yung last na nag-aral ako nito at walang silbi din yun dahil natutulog lang po at nangongopya ako sa ka-klase. Ha-halo-an ko din ito paminsan-minsan nang englis na mga salita dahil malamang hindi ko na alam ang tagalog version nito.

Isa ring rason na tagalog ito dahil nai-inis at nakakaloka itong asawa ko, palagi nyang kino-korek yung grammar ko minsan ang sarap sunugin nang kanyang buhok dahil ang KULIT!

Babala lang, wag nyo na tong basahin dahil wala rin tong kwentang blog. wala lang akong magawa ngayon at nai-inip ako.

Pinapraktis ko ngayon, ang ang mga salitang may ending na "cle" , dapat "kel" ang pagbigkas hindi "kol". Halimbawa, tricikel hindi tricikol, choco krinkel, gogel, bukel? hehehe at nako minsan matigas parin yung pagka-pronounce ko. kinorek nga ako nang asawa ko nung bago pa lang ako dito dahil lahat nang tao miski driver o nagtitinda nang kendi sa gilid ay ginagamitan ko nang po "Ay di pala ganon" so ngayon medyo marunong na akomg gumamit nang po at ho.


kakainis! Ngayong lunch pumunta ako sa Jollibee at nag take-out nang burger at fries. Pagdating ko sa ofis, tiningnan ko yung burger walang patty. Grrr! ang init pa naman ngayon sa labas!


..abangan na lang ang susunod na kabanata dahil nawala na ako ng ganang magsulat dahil sa Jollibee na yan.

Undecided (Pensive mood again)

**** Sometime in 2005 -- blogspot why aren't you keeping the edit history. Why? why?****
*** Still holds true today!!!!! nothing has changed ***

I really think feel that I'm in the wrong field of work. Have you read about the shopaholic series by Kenzie? I loved the book because it reminded me of my present predicament.
I am pretending to know a lot about my current job when the truth is, I don't know a hoot. Oh boy! I'm in trouble. Today, we were asked to do a certain task to which 'til now left me groping in the dark.
The trouble with me is that I don't even know what I really want to do. I graduated high school not knowing what course to take. As far as I can remember, I didn't have dreams of becoming a doctor, lawyer, journalist or any high profile job for that matter. Heck, I can't even remember what I always wanted as a child. All I wanted was to dress up and work in a corporate office, signing documents. Simple lang naman ang dream ko hehehe.

Everybody expected that I would follow the footsteps of my mother and become a nurse. Yes, I don't fear needles, I can even tolerate "yucky stuffs" but seeing my cousin studying and memorizing those weird and hard to pronounce terms not to mention the thickness of those books turned me off. I also pity my patient because I'm Ms. Forgetful and Ms. Careless so I might just give him/her the wrong dosage or leave the equipment inside his internal organs which would lead to death of course.
I was going to enroll in accountancy because I wanted to become a teller and count all those money (how lame was I?) but got dissuaded by my best friend in taking up my current course. I hated my course by the way. Of course, I wasn't any good at it.

If I were to go back, what course should I have taken? I honestly don't know. I actually wanted to take up fine arts (I thought I had talent but it was pure imagination) but job after graduation would be too difficult to find. Teacher? No way Jose! I have stage fright.

When I took the programming course, I actually hated it. As it was the "in" thing for my batch mates, and my bf was very passionate about it, I psych myself to like it. I actually liked it. As it was not my passion I got disheartened because I could not get into the groove and just be good at it.
Sigh! I just want to find something I'll be good at. How hard can that be?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Missing Piece

*** Originally published in 2004 ***

Ria and I were talking about relationships the other night. We agreed that in a relationship, there would always be someone who will play the field while the other one would remain steadfast in his/her love and devotion.

My point is one partner will always look for the missing 10%. I read somewhere that the top reason why a marriage would not turn out right was because one would always look for the missing 10%.
I am not ashamed to admit that I was once this someone. I was never satisfied with my relationship, I felt that I needed and deserved more. For one, my bf (now fiancĂ©) was never the romantic type and being the dreamer that I am wished for the moon and stars. It didn’t help that one of my friend had a very romantic bf (ring in a paper rose, rose in bed and other sweet stuff). I was green with envy then.

I admit there was one time when I was almost at the point of breaking up the relationship because there was someone who was pursuing me with all the chocolates and promise of flowers.

I learned the hard way but I’m glad I went through all that because I got to accept the man I will forever be spending my life with. To hell with that missing 10%, I have here with me the remaining 90% and for me that’s near enough to being perfect.

Friday, May 08, 2015

Ka-init (Ang init) in cebuano and tagalog

Kadaghan ba nako ug gisuwat karon. Naghuwat ra ko sa oras para kagawas nako diri sa impyerno. Letse init kau! grabe! makabuang! Ganina pagpadulong nako sa ofis, akong nawong napuno ug singot, akong luyo pirting basaha basin ang ako-a gipaningot pud wala lang ko kabalo.

Wa dyud ko kahimatmat ug ingon ani ka init sa tibook nakong kinabuhi. Inig abot nako sa balay, haskang murag oven(sa bisaya:lutuanan nga giporma ug kahon). Pwede na cguro mag-prito ug itlog. Kuyawan lang ko basin inig sunod nakong tan-aw naluto na ang itlog sa akong bana sa kainit. Ayaw intawon kay ganahan ko makakita ug liwat.

Miski mag panty na lang ko ug bra grabe! panington gihapon ko. Naunsa naman ni? karong pirting kalasa ug tubig kay mag-cge nalang ko ug kaligo, kalas pud ug kuryente kay byente quatro oras naka-on ang electric fan. Di na gani kau mi mag-gakos pag-maayo sa akong bana kay wa kaabot usa ka minuto nga gakos pirting nang tulo-tulo sa akong singot.

kalami ra dyud mo-puyo sa Iceland, bahala nag ma-murag pasas ang itlog sa akong bana, at least di ko panington. Unya mag-cge pa dyud mi gakos para wala sa tugnaw. o di ba? mas romantic. hehehe. unsa naman pud ni wa naman pud ni pulos nga yaw2. Natrala-la na cguro ko kay pataka nako ug tabi. Beinte minutos na lang, gamay na lang dyud makauli nako.

Wawa naman manila friends ko, di maintindihan: translate ko in tagalog sinulat ko.

Ang dami kong sinulat ah. Iniintay ko lang oras para makalabas ako dito sa impyerno.Pu***** i** (mas lesser yung implication pag letse ang gagamitin pero parang ganon na rin) ang init! grabe! nakakaloka. Kanina nung patungo ako sa ofis, yung mukha ko punong-puno nang pawis, ang aking likod ay basang-basa at baka yung sa 'kin pinapawis di ko lang alam.

Ngayon ko lang narasanan sa buhay ko na ganito kainit ang panahon Pag-abot ko sa bahay naku-po pranag oven. Pwede na akong mag-prito ng itlog. Takot ako baka sa susunod kung tingin ang itlog nang aking asawa ay luto na sa init nang panahon. Huwag naman sana, gusto makita na kay nagmana sa 'kin.

Miski na pa-panty at bra ako grabe! di pa rin humihinto pawis ko. Ano na bang nangyayari? Ngayon aksaya masyado kami nang tubig dahil parati kaming naliligo, aksaya din nang kuryente dahil dalawangpo't apat(wah! tama ba tong tagalog nang 24) . Hindi na rin kami nagyayakap/hug masyado nang asawa ko kasi isang minuto lang na yakap bumabaha na pawis namin.

Ang sarap cgurong tumira sa Iceland, bahala nang mag mukhang raisins sa ginaw itlog nang aking asawa at least di ako pagpapawisan. Tapos, mega-yakap pa kami para mawala yung ginaw. O di ba? mas romantic. Nagparang-sirang ulo nako ako nito a.. hindi ko na alam sinasabi ko. Dalawanpo't minutos (wah! di ko na talaga alam tagalog ng mga numero basta 20 minutes yan) , konti na lang at pwede na akong maka-uwi.


I'm not crazy I'm just a little bit insane (kanta ito a!)