Tuesday, January 19, 2016

joys and delights: tagged by Ylan

Originally posted : 05/16/2006

Ok I was tagged by Lany. I don't usually do this but since I have so much time in my hands, I'll allow myself to be tagged.

instructions: name 10 of lifes simple pleasures that you like the most, then pick 10 people to do the same. try to be original and creative, and not to use things someone else has already used

1. Drinking a cup of steaming Coffee - of course this should be number 1 on my list. If you know me, you know I have a love and hate relationship with coffee. I tried killing this addiction and I ended up deprived that I drunk more than my usual share. For me coffee isn't coffee if it's not hot. My all-time favorite drink, cafe latte.

-- not in order--

2. Chocolates - especially my faves Kisses, Gabo, Kisses, Ferrero (the center must be melted) and my new favorite Lindt. I had my first taste of Lindt in singapore, I bought this one as pasalubong, but one taste and I was near orgasm so I golfed it all down, savoring every bits and pieces. I'd prefer this to sex anytime! LOL! kidding :P

3. being able to eat breakfast meals - same ta Lan. I don't know what's with breakfast meals that I am so fascinated with. Last month, I slept with Sausage McMuffin on my mind and I prepared my morning rituals in a rush just so I can get my breakfast mcmuffin. I sleep and come to the office really late, since breakfast meals are available up to 10 am only, its rare that I can buy myself one. So there you go, that must be the reason why I am so fascinated with these meals.

4. Being called and txted by Yiek asking where I am - who wouldn't like to be missed. huh?

5. Receiving corny jokes through email or txt - when the day seem dreary it can really make my day.

6. Receiving comments here on my blog - because it would mean that someone is reading my nonsense entries.

7. Being able to wake-up late on weekends - I always feel that I'm sleep deprived so I really love weekends because I have the luxury to wake up when I want to.

8. Being able to sneeze when I've been trying so hard  - you know the feeling.

..errr utang muna. I can't think of the last 2 joys. will continue this when I get my mojo back.

I am tagging, georgia, lizette, nats, ria and anyone bored out there.


azinette said...

wah lisura ani oi! 10 man jud.. isa lang man akong mahuna-hunaan karon hehehe

aneshka said...

mau bitaw wala pa ko nahuman hehehe